Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Visiting Cousin

It was a Saturday morning with no plans and Jeff took on extra work.  So I wanted to find something to do that didn't cost too much money.  Visiting a friends or family sounded just perfect.  So we packed up and went to spend some time with my cousin Sandy and her two children Kaitlyn and Cole.  I brought my camera because I thought there might be opportunity for pictures and since Sandy home schools her kids it could be a good opportunity for a school photos of sorts.
This is beautiful Kaitlyn who just turned 8 on Christmas Eve. 
She has a love for animals just like her Mama.  This is her new Kitty, Snickerdoodle, I think is her name. 
Lachlan loved the Kitty too.
It was hard to get one with out a little blurring.  Kaitlyn's neighbor was born on the exact same day as Kaitlyn, year and all, they are both 8 and spend a lot of time together having "dance parties" in her room.  This brought back so many memories for me.  I lived in a safe little neighborhood with a little girl next door almost my exact age, my best friend for most of my childhood, Susie.  We had dance parties, even choreographed a little to Boys to Men.  Spent lots of time in Susie's pool and occasionally got in little fights like Kaitlyn and her friend were.  You know over little things.  I remember coming home a couple times telling myself I am not going to talk to Susie again.  First thing the next morning I was over at her house and we were best friends again.
When the sun broke through the clouds we were quick to take advantage.  Sandy lives in a quiet little neighborhood.  Her house is at the very end in a culdasac type area.  My boys aren't used to being able to play in the street so they were really enjoying this.

Lachlan and Cole.  Cole is about 6 months younger than Lachlan but we have gotten hand me downs from him for Lachlan.  He is a big boy.
Peter just thought he would take off.  "Peter, stop! Come back." I yelled.  Any guesses on his next move?
Nope, I am running mom so come and get me while you lug that big camera along. 
Lachlan has gone through a long stretch of not wanting me to take his picture but has turned a new leaf.  I was trying to get Cole to stand and smile for me and Lachlan heard so he went over and stood in front of the tree.  Woohoo, over here Mom, take a picture of me.
Cole was quick to join "his friend" as he called him and Peter as we walked in the door.  "My friends, my friends."  Cole is surrounded by girl neighbors, a feeling my brother can relate to completely.  See Cole smile like this. 
Quite the cute pair.
Look at this blue eyed little stud.  What a cutie. 

He loved to run in circles around me as I chased him with my camera.  It was a little tricky to catch him and I got a little dizzy but I got some good shots.
Love his nose all crinkled up here.
This is Miss Lacy Lou.  The sweetest dog ever.  She lived with us for a short time while Sandy was in transition and unable to have a dog at her apartment.  It was great for the boys to have a dog they could interact with a bit more than our Chihuahua, Mona.
Another neighbor girl joined the party.  The horses and their riders came along outside.  Some riders were in mini skirts and high heels, it was pretty funny.
Cole grabbed a tool from the garage and brought it out.  He was very proud to show me.  This is my favorite shot of him with his little smirk.  I spent a good amount of time editing this photo but it was a lot of fun.  What a reward to see the final product next to the original.  I fixed up the color, removed the boppy toy in the background, brightened up his eyes and removed some redness from his face.  He has recently had a rotten cold and has a red nose and face.  I am so happy with this one! 

Lachlan really hones in on a favorite toy everywhere we go.  This day it was Cole's motorcycle. 
What a pretty girl.  This vest is brand new, a Birthday present form my sister, Ang.  Looks so cute.

What did I learn most from this visit you may ask?  I learned that I love my Cousin and her little family and that we have to come over more often.  Sandy you are a good Mama!  We need to spend more time together supporting each other through some of the tough moments and celebrating the exciting moments of being homeschooling stay at home Moms!

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