Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Swim Lessons - Lachlan

Waiting with his favorite baby for their brothers to get done swimming.
Swim suit on and excited to swim.

Walking briskly to the pool after waiting at his sign on deck.

Life jacket on and ready to go.

Life jackets off, practicing kicks.

Probably his favorite part of swim lessons.  At the end they hold onto each others shoulders and make a train to walk around the pool and back towards the locker rooms where their parents meet them.  He always jumps in front to be the engineer and moves his arm like he is pulling the whistle while he makes a really loud choo choo. 
The pictures aren't superb through the glass but enough to capture the moment.  They have both progressed so much in there swimming, especially Lachlan.  He did really well with a teacher and not Mom.  We might have to do this again. 

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