Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's My Birthday

My 32nd birthday is today.  I am officially in my 30s.  Can't deny it now.

One week prior to my birthday my body thought it would be fun to remind me that I am getting older.  So a severe case of, what turned out to be arthritis, attacked my right hand.  I could not use it at all.  Thought it was broken.  My doctor feels like it is just a one time thing at this point that will hopefully go away.  It still aches but I can use it again.

That was a pretty tough thing to wrap my mind around.  For one it was so painful, I can't imagine living with that and am impressed by the many people that do every day.  It also struck me how quickly life can change.  My hand was only completely out of commission for 3 or 4 days.  When I woke up that morning with it in so much pain and not knowing what it was, I quickly went to the thought, what if my hand is like this the rest of my life?  Would I have the strength to carry on as I do now, could I figure out to how get through life? 

I don't have the answers to those questions of course, but I do know that strength comes in waves.  Some moments yes and some moments no.  I hope all of you who may be reading this have some one to go to when the answer is no, you don't have the strength to push past adversity in that moment.  I am fortunate to not only have my amazing husband and family but my God.  How blessed is it to always have someone there.

Many thoughts and feelings in those three days with a broken hand.

Does anyone else wake up on their birthday thinking this is going to a different and special day?  When Peter started my day at 3:48 am I suddenly realized, no, no it's not going to be that different.  Kind of got grumpy about it.  But as a drank my coffee, folded laundry and changed the first few diapers of the day I realized, this actually ain't that bad.  Actually the best part of the day so far was sitting on the couch with Lucy on one side and Peter on the other, my arms wrapped around them.  I leaned over and smooched Peter on the head and then Lucy.  Making as much noise and fun out of each kiss as I could.  Then Peter looks up at me with a grin "again, again" and then Lucy "again, again."  So I smooch them each again and again.  I was happy to oblige. 

So maybe my Birthday is not different, but it is special.

I am supposed to post a picture every day this February, so let me see if I can dig through my files and find one with me in it . . .

Found 2 and couldn't decide. Hard to find a picture with out a child in it.  But when you sit them in your lap they hide your rolls and other sins.  Besides, they are my proudest accomplishment.


  1. Love those pictures of you. Yes birthdays get different with kids! I wondered why you emailed me at four! :)