Wednesday, April 24, 2013

and God taught me

I asked Peter not to scare Lucy with the dinosaur puppet.  He was still trying to when Lachlan asked him to not scare Lucy as well.  I thanked him for being such a good boy and using his words instead of his body.

"Yeah and God taught me that." He responded
"Oh I was wondering if Jesus was teaching you." 
"He teach me how, he is a good teacher."
"Yes he is a good teacher, the greatest teacher."

There were more words exchanged which I tried to recall right away so I could write this out but I just couldn't think of the exact words he used.  Darn it.  If it comes to me I will add later.  

I mulled this over for a while.  A little while later I asked "How did you know that God teaches us to be good people?"

"Because Jesus is in my heart."

Well duh Mom.  But I am still surprised and overjoyed at his understanding of God's love and His relationship with us.  
Faith like a child they say, for more reasons than one.  
Not just to love God with pure innocent love but to just feel, feel the love of God our creator instinctively. No inhibition to what we just know is true as children.  
Now the job of this parent, is to not break that natural bond between the Creator and the created - blessed little child.