Thursday, April 25, 2013

Various Vegetables - Update

As I had hoped, the investment that the boys made into picking out their own vegetables at the store really did make them more willing to try something new.

It has been so nice here, so yesterday, we took our red and orange bell peppers outside to dissect.  I cut them open and let them explore what was inside.  Talked about what the seeds were for and showed them which part we eat and which part we don't as I continued to cut them up.

Lachlan wanted to try his orange bell pepper first and Peter tried his red.  Their willingness to try was much better than if we had just simply put something on their plate at dinner time.

Peter's not quite sure at this point.

Exploring the stem and seeds

Teaching me about the seeds and what they do.

Now, I didn't say they loved the bell peppers.  Just that they were more willing to try.  At first they weren't sure.  They did like them, then they didn't.  Later Peter sat down and ate another couple slices of the orange bell pepper.  Lachlan really didn't try them again.  But they were both excited to have the neighbor kids try them when they stopped by after school.

I plan to try this again at the farmer's market this weekend.  I need to prepare myself again for the potential of an obscure vegetable being chosen.  Let's hope for a tomato!

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