Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything

I just have a little bit of everything to post so I thought I would share in one instead of many.  Follow along with my picture story.
I got an opportunity, after 6 years of living here, to finally stop at the little book store in town.  I found this gem.  It is in depth but has tons of pictures.
On the day we were learning about rocks, Argentina and fossils I pulled the visual dictionary out to show Lachlan the page on fossils.  I really try to show a visual to Lachlan when we are learning about something.  I love that I can now pull out a book, old fashion, I know.  But nice to have diversity.
Lachlan really wanted to write his name.  So I got out this tracing sheet I made for him and for the first time he really concentrated.  He held his pen just right and went to work.  He did such a great job.
Peter put his arm around Lucy.  I am so glad I had my camera close.
We painted with utensils.  We were learning about washing dishes.  So Mother Goose Time had us use some for art.
A spoon.
A fork.  Peter's favorite utensil to use.  It really looks neat.

And then it just got messy!
We went to Cousin Ried's birthday party and really enjoyed the cupcakes.

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  1. Such cute photos, love the idea to paint with utensils!