Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Many Reasons I Loved May with Mother Goose Time

I have now completed a full month of Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum as well as Little Goose curriculum.  I want to take the opportunity to do a review of my thoughts and feelings about Mother Goose Time.

There are quite a few things about Mother Goose Time that are just amazing!  The first part I have enjoyed, so much are the Day Bags.  Everything you need, for all the kids, is all in one bag for each day.  So here is how I start my day.  I grab a cup of coffee, pull out the day bag, open it up, quickly review the lesson plan books and I am ready to go.  Now all I have to do is wait until my Preschooler wakes up and we can start our day.  Each day has a theme, and once I have that theme in my head and the basics of each lesson I can work that theme into every little task each day or wait for the perfect break in the day to start a lesson.  I have it set out on my counter so I can grab and go when the timing is right.  It's so easy!

I have a mix of ages.  One 4 year old and a few 2 year olds.  The Little Goose lesson plan fits so seamlessly with the preschool lesson plans that even the 2 year olds have been a very active part of "school" in this last month of May.  I love this, even more than I ever thought I would, because Peter has blown me away with his knowledge.  I never would have worked with Lachlan on the things Peter is learning when Lachlan was his age.  I just didn't know they could, or would want to learn those things.

Another reason why I didn't start at a young age with Lachlan is because I had no idea where to start.  If you are anything like me, when you don't know where to start, you don't start at all!  It's just too overwhelming.   This is why I want to shout it to the world.  Buy something, even if it's just one month, of Mother Goose Time!  (No I don't get a commission for saying this.)  It is the best thing I have ever done for my family.  Why? 
Two reasons:
1. It got me out of my overwhelmed rut.  With Facebook and Pinterest, one can easily find ideas.  Amazing ideas.  But it was so hard for me to find the motivation to start because there were just too many choices.  And what does a 2, 3 or 4 year old need to know anyhow?  When everything you need shows up at your door in a box from professionals who have done their research, it solves this problem in an instant. 

2. Because it taught ME how to turn EVERY moment into a teachable moment.  Believe it or not, I was never a parent until I had my first child. :) I say that tongue in cheek, but what I mean is, we don't know everything there is to know about parenting when we just get started because we haven't done it before and that's okay.  I did not know how fun it would be to watch a little ones mind blossom and I didn't realize how important my role would be in this until I started this journey with preschool at home.  I knew, as a parent, I would be responsible for teaching my child manners, respect, potty training, eating right . . . I had no idea I could build a foundation for a love of learning and how important that foundation would be.  Once you, as the parent, learn how to turn everyday moments into teachable moments, the skies the limit.

My biggest recommendation for parents of an 18 month to 5 year old or older.  Buy a month of curriculum, even if it's just a month.  Something to get you started and open your eyes to what you can do with your child.  Start young!

June's theme from Mother Goose Time is A to Zoo animals.  It is a complete review of the alphabet as well as numbers 1 through 20.  It comes with a CD with a song for every letter/animal.  You also get a daily alphabet picture card to put on a binder ring.  At the end of the month you will have a full set for each child.  This is the perfect month to try.  I just read on Mother Goose Time's Facebook page that they are already sold out of June's A to Zoo theme.  But I promise you, you will enjoy any month that they have available.  All of my May posts are about Bubbles, Boats and Floats, which could be a great summer theme.  So check them out for more details.

So here is the good news, I have another box of Mother Goose Time ready to go for June!  I love Mother Goose time so much I am going to continue my homeschooling journey right along with them.  So follow along for more amazing examples of "Goose" moments in our lives. 

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