Thursday, June 13, 2013

Adapting - Joshua Style

Every once in a while this little boy named Joshua comes over to play.  After his first few visits he started asking his Mom every morning, first, if they were going somewhere that day and second, if they were going to Peter's house.  Yep, I am already "Peter's Mom" and this is already "Peter's house".  I'm okay with that makes me feel very blessed actually.  I have always wanted a home where children want to come.
Meet Joshua.  Can it really get any cuter.  Take note on what is surrounding him.
I have tried to get Joshua involved in our school projects but he is a big truck and tractor fan.  The over abundance of those items in this house is just too overwhelming for him and so it was hard to get him to stray and join us for a bit.

So today, when he was coming over, I prepared myself to be in the mindset of adapting.
He was sitting at the counter with me loading rocks into his dump trucks and front end loaders.  That's when it hit me.  In the last couple of weeks we have done a couple of lessons where the kids pick a number card and then go collect that many items.  Yesterday we were hippos, swimming across the lake to get X amount of grass for the hippo to eat.  For Joshua I took this concept and made paper rocks.  I put them in a pile and pulled out numbers 1 through 5.  I laid them out and had him pick a number and then put that number of rocks in the back of his dump truck.  He is just a little guy, 2 and a half, so he didn't necessarily know the numbers.  After he picked the number I told him what number it was and helped him count one rock at a time until we got to the correct number.  Then we dumped our load.
I also had him trace each number with his finger after he picked it.  He really seemed to like this.
At the end I switched it up just a little by having him dump 5 rocks on the number 5 card, 4 rocks on the 4 card and so on.

It was so fun to use what I have learned from Mother Goose Time and adapt it to better suit Mr. Joshua.   

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