Friday, June 14, 2013

June Day 9 - I is for Ibis

Sunday is Father's day so at some point this week I wanted to make the Father's day craft.  I decided to try today and have some of the conversations that go along with it.

A tricked I learned from FunShine Express when doing hand prints or foot prints is to take a few paper towels and get them damp.  Then put the paint on the paper towels and massage the paint into the towel to spread it around.  This turns the paint more into a ink pad then a glob of paint.  They prints turn out much better.  I decided to make the prints a brownish color since that was the tone of the frame provided by Mother Goose Time

I set the paint and paper up on the kitchen floor with a towel for them to step onto after stepping on the paper.  Overall I would call it a success.
Our finished product.
Mother Goose Time had us ask the kids how their feet were the same or different than their Dad's feet.  Since we are at home I actually had Lachlan go and get a pair of his Dad's shoes to try on.  Then I asked him if they fit or if they were too big?

There are a few other activities that go along with the Bonus Day for Father's day.  I think I am going to mix a few more in with tomorrows lessons.

Today, we learned about an Ibis.  I wasn't sure if it was the long /i/ or short, turns out it's the long.  Anyhow, I was completely surprised by this day.  I had no idea what an Ibis was and so I honestly, didn't have much hope that I could get the kids excited about it.  

Then I started reading the lessons and activities and got excited.  I saw there were a few things in the Day Bag that needed to be cut up so I got out my scissors and started cutting.  It was only after, that I realized for the Feed the Ibis lesson they were supposed to do the cutting.  I still have one that I didn't cut so I will have Lachlan do that later.  Anyhow, this was such a fun activity.  We first talked about what we use to eat our food, like forks and spoons.  Then we talked about how the Ibis uses his long beak like a straw to suck up food.  Then they were supposed to use the straw to such and stick the paper picture of the food the Ibis eats to the straw and move it onto the picture of the Ibis.  Lachlan figured it out and loved it, Peter tried and got it right a few times.  The other times he blew through the straw and scattered the paper.

Next we got out the cut outs of the different food groups and talked about what an Ibis eats.  They eat bugs and frogs.  I asked Lachlan if he eats bugs and frogs "yes" he answered.  Of course you do.  I asked Joshua if he eats bugs and frogs, "yes" was his reply as well.  Yuck I said completely over exaggerated.  They thought that was funny.  I went through and named the food groups and gave examples of each that I knew Lachlan likes to eat. Then I asked him his favorite food from these groups.  I left a few of the questions open ended but since he didn't quite understand the food groups I asked the rest with an either or.  Do you like milk or cheese better?  Mother Goose Time teaches a new food group each month but since we started in May we missed most all of them.  We learned where the napkin goes in May.  

Lastly, I turned the cut outs upside down and had them pick one and then bring it over to the Kid Chef Place mat to match it to the right food group.

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