Saturday, June 15, 2013


I have never been a big fan of digging through mounds of stuff to find treasures at second hand stores.  But then Amber and my sister Angela came along.  Ang always has something cute and new she got for cheap at either Goodwill, a Garage Sale or off of Craigslist.  Same goes for Amber.  For my birthday Amber gave me a little satchel with loose change from around her house and some cash all wadded up.  She said this was only to be used at Goodwill or garage sales.  So after my birthday lunch we headed into Dallas to check out their Goodwill.  I spent the change and then some.

My sister and Amber kept telling me that Keizer's Goodwill is the best one in the area.  Okay, okay, I will keep that in the back of my mind.  Yesterday I found myself in Keizer with only one child.  I look over and there is Goodwill.  I've got $6 dollars cash burning a whole in my pocket.  I'll let Peter pick out something, I wanted his night to be special because his brother was at a baseball game with his Dad.  And maybe I will find a thing or two for myself or for school.

$23.00 later we leave the store at 8:45pm.  I blame you Angela and Amber!  :)  I got an awesome stash of stuff.  So I am not really, truly, upset.  I just need to know better next time, 6 bucks, ha!

Here is the haul.  On the far left, the red tray looking thing is a Lego lap station.  You can slide the square Lego bases in there and all your pieces in the two compartments on either side.  Colton's birthday is coming up and he is a big Lego fan.  Yeah for good deals on presents!  The white tray is also from Goodwill.  I have been looking for a tray like this for a while to place activities on for school.  The bells on top are normally pretty spendy.  They ring in different keys.  Jeff was playing a song with them last night.  The barn has been something our boys have loved at their church for years.  We went to find one at Toys R Us a few years ago and they don't make them anymore.  They had two at Goodwill last night and this is what Peter chose to bring home.  It was cheap, but really, do we need another barn?  Oh well, they love it.  Then 2 VHS tapes of their favorite movies: Bambi and Aristocats.  I snagged this book for Lachlan, he has really been into snakes lately and this is the closest he is going to be to having a snake at this house.  I also love this publisher.  They made the Visual dictionary I found at the book store a while ago and Amber got him one about robots.  They make great stuff.  Lastly, the little school bus is for Sammy.  I photographed him a while back and he is in love with this little school bus by Little People.  So I texted his Mom to see if she wanted another.  She thought one for work and one for home sounded like a great plan. 

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