Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Abstract Art - July Day 15

There are three major highlights from today.  Art Theif, Abstract Ideas and Slow/Fast Dance.  We started our day as usual with the shape on the Easel Poster.  This time I had them tell me what shape and color it was.  Lucy picked out the Red - Integrity feather and Lachlan totally understood the scenarios.  He was able to tell me that no Falco did not do what was right when he didn't pay the full amount for his paint. 

Art Thief is a pretty simple concept and I was 50/50 on whether or not the kids would like it and join in.  I first asked what would happen if a piece of art work was taken from a museum.  Then we acted it out.  I had them all sit in a circled and pointed to the foam circle, let's pretend this is a piece of art.  Next I had them turn around, put their hands behind their back and close their eyes.  I took the foam circle and put it in Lachlan's hand.  Then told them to turn back around.  Gasp, where did it go?  Lachlan has a little smirk on his face, Peter is very interested.  "You have it," Peter said.  No I don't have it.  "Lachie has it," was his next guess.  Lachlan shows Peter one hand, no I don't have it.  Puts his hand back behind him and trades the foam circle to the other hand and shows Peter another empty hand.  Lachlan is loving it, and it he keeps going for a while until I tell him to show both of this hands.  We kept taking turns until everyone got to hide the foam circle.  It was a little less tricky when Peter and Lucy had it.  Oh no, where did it go? Right here!  They would exclaim.  Not so good at secrets when you are 2.5 years old.

Next we worked on our art project for the day.  It was abstract art so they could do what ever they wanted, which is great.  Except for the splattering of paint all over the counter.  That I had to restrict a bit.  The boys splattered paint on the paper with the droppers they used yesterday and mixed all the colors together.  They somewhat randomly cut up and glued small pieces of paper to their art work, again it's abstract, so they did it perfectly.  Lucy on the other hand purposefully put every color, every mark and every piece of paper right where she wanted it.  It was so fun watching her. 

Slow/Fast Dance was our song or story for the day.  We played a song called "Rush" on the Groovin' with the Goose CD.  It is an instrumental that goes between a slow rhythm and a fast rhythm.  When it is slow I told them to sit and sway and when the music speeds up we get up and dance.  I tried to capture a video of it because it was really great.  I had to help point out the rhythm change the first few times through the song.  Towards the end I would just say hmm and furrow my brows inquisitively.  Peter would cup his ear with this hand, "Lachie, do you hear that?"  Then he would change his dancing.  It was super cute, I tried to get a video of it but neither attempts turned out too well.  I love having them listen to all the music that comes with MGT.  I know it is so good for their little brains and development.  We will be playing this game again. 

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