Monday, August 5, 2013

Lachlan's Fair Entry

I am such a bad blogger, I didn't take a single picture.  But I have to tell the story anyhow.  A friend of mine told me I should enter a photo in the county fair.  I thought that would be a lot of fun but got my rear in gear a little too late.  I finally found all the directions on how and what to submit and I didn't have enough time to make the right size print and get it matted and everything.  However, it got me thinking about Lachlan entering something in the fair.  A different friend brought up the idea of Lachlan entering something as well.  So it seemed it was our year to enter.

The whole month of July with Mother Goose Time was about art and various styles of art.  We did an art piece every day, so we had plenty to choose from.  A few of the art pieces were not an easily obtained matte size though and since the piece of art had to be matted and we were running out of time for custom matting, it narrowed our selection down.  I personally love his take on Monet, but Lachlan never liked it and when I offered for him to show the Monet or something else, it was always the something else.

Lachlan working on his Monet, which I could not convince him to enter in the fair.
Finally I noticed his "self portrait" that is hanging on our wall in our art frames.  I thought that one could be a good choice so again I offered this one or the Monet.  He chose the self portrait of course, but this time I was satisfied with the choice and it met all the criteria.

On Sunday, 1 hour before close I went to Bi-mart to see if I could find a matte.  It all hung on this shopping trip.  Luckily they had a matte.  I brought it home, got it all ready as instructed and filled out the forms.

Today was the day to turn in entries.  From noon to 8pm.  I usually watch children, besides my own, until pretty late on Mondays and Tuesdays so I told Jeff he has to be home by 7 so he can take it in.  As the end of the day rolled around I realized how nice it would be for him to not only take in the art work but to take our two boys with him as well.  :)

So off they went at 7:15pm to enter Lachlan's self portrait in the fair.  Lachlan still really doesn't know what this all means.  But goes along with it anyhow.  Jeff relayed the story of the trip to me and it sounded like it was pretty cute.  2 older ladies were at the front welcoming people in and sending them to the right area for check in.  They thought the boys were really pretty cute and got a look at Lachlan's drawing.  They thought it was quite the drawing and were excited he was entering it in the fair.  Jeff explained that it's a self portrait.  "Ah, of course it is," they said with huge grins on their faces.

Next they got to the booth where they are asked questions and double check the exhibit.  It was a young gal, tired and not really in the mood to play along.  She said "since he is only four, it will not be judged."  Yes we know that.  Okay she said, it looks good and we will get it displayed.

Jeff made a rule before they went in that they had to hold hands.  So everywhere they walked inside the building Lachlan held his Dad's hand and Peter held Lachlan's as they formed this little line of what I think is total cuteness.  Jeff said they were getting a lot of oos and ahs from the knitting section.  So they purposefully walked by that way to say hi as they were leaving.

The highlight of the whole adventure for the boys - a giant fish the size of a u-haul trailer. 

I just can't wait until we go to the fair and Lachlan get's to see his art on display.  Don't worry, I will be a better blogger and take pictures.  I promise. 

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