Friday, January 31, 2014

Vet Bag Art

Normally I cover a full day of activities and lessons in one post.  But for this post I am just going to cover 1 lesson from Day 11 which was about, what happens at a doctor's visit?

This one lesson went so well and extended into play for so long, I just have to share in detail.

Vet Bag Art was the craft for the day.  Mother Goose Time provided us with a vet bag to be decorate.  All the kids were on the floor playing so again I brought all the supplies to them to see if I could get them interested with out a fight.  As soon as I sat down, Lucy was game.  So her and I got started.  She colored her vet bag, then we punched it out of the paper, folded it in half and I used the yarn to sew it all together.

MGT provided this little roll of bandage material.  I cut a strip for Lucy and encouraged her to find an animal to fix up.  She chose a horse of course. 
Getting him all wrapped up.
This is when Peter started getting interested.  He wanted to fix up some animals as well.  So I got him started on his vet bag.
Lachlan got these awesome new markers for a birthday present.  Everyone is enjoying them very much.
With his vet bag all prepped, he got to work on bandaging up the dino.
Lachlan was now ready to join in.  I had him do some of the details that were a bit hard for Lucy and Peter.  He put the brad in the pretend scissors and did the weaving of the yarn. 
The dino is all better and now the robot needs some help.
I did not divvy out the bandage very equally.  Lachlan got a pretty tiny piece, but it didn't seem to faze him.  He chose to fix up the hippo.
He needed some tape to keep his bandage on.   He couldn't quite get it tied off.
Lucy's horses health improved and now the red robot needed some care.
Lachlan got his hippo all repaired and held him carefully and so content and proud.
Thank you hippo, for being such a good patient.  Get well soon.

He didn't know I was looking and didn't know I still had the camera.  He was just standing there, continuing to take good care of his patients.
When we ran out of bandage Peter stole the green ribbon for the ribbon wand.  I didn't mind.
Lachlan found one more "animal" in need of help.
So the moral of this picture story is this: go to the store and buy some bandage for your kids to use during play time. 

What a great way to see their compassion shine!

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