Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another Workbook Day

It's February now, so technically I should be moving on to this months Mother Goose Time theme of Nursery Rhythms.  However, I have been having so much fun with the Baby Animal theme, I thought I would stretch it out and try to do just a few more days.  Today We started on Day 12, Which babies use camouflage?  We got to the Hiding in the Green Grass lesson, which is a My Little Journal activity and I remembered that there was a My Little Journal lesson from the day before we never did. 

I got out their journals and all the needed supplies.  It had been a while since we had worked in the More Math & More Reading workbooks as well, so I got them out, just in case, they were willing to keep working after we were done with our journals.  And they were!
On the G page, we were supposed to write the word "go" or have them write it in the color green.  Then talk about how green means go.  Next have them draw a doctor and talk about how we need to go to the doctor to stay healthy.  As soon as I said "green means ______."  Lachlan filled in the blank and got right to work at drawing a traffic light.  Here he is turning around to get the other colors, yellow and red. 
 After he was done with the traffic light I had him draw a doctor, which is the red figure above the traffic light.
Next we moved on to the green page of the journal.  I asked them to draw a green animal.  We actually, randomly, went to the zoo yesterday.  We were able to go through all the green animals we saw there.  He wanted to draw a green Iguana.  I tried to get him to cut green paper like grass for the Iguana to hide in, but he insisted on drawing the grass with the marker. 
 Later, he added the green paper grass.
Peter's lizard in tall grass.
Here we are moving on to the workbooks.  I picked a page that I wanted Lachlan to do.  He wanted to pick his own.  I went with it.  I would rather he do a workbook page then nothing at all. 
I had a friend over the other day and I showed her Lachlan's drawing.  Right on the drawing I had written what Lachlan told me it was.  I didn't think anything of it, because, well, if I didn't write it down, then I know for sure I will have no clue what it was when I look back at it some day.  But my friend said "I need to remember to do that, make notes on what they say it is." 

I have always tried to do the same thing with these worksheets.  I at the very least try to write the name of the child and the date.  But if I have a moment at the time, I like to write notes about which part they did on their own and which part I helped with.  It's kind of my way of keeping record of what skills they can do and when.

Peter picked out this page to do and I wasn't quite sure if he could.  But trying not to underestimate him, I figure we could give it a shot.  I first asked which of these letters (as I run my finger around the top three) make the sound /b/b/ for bunny?  "B!" he exclaimed with no hesitation as be pointed to the letter b.  Okay, wow.  Next, I presented it the same way.  /c/c/ for carrot?  He didn't know.  I tried sounding the letters out with him and working through it, but he was still stumped.  That's okay, he's not even 3 yet.  Lastly, we did /l/l/ for lettuce, like /l/l/ for Lachlan.  He picked out the L no problem, that's brother's letter after all.  But he laughed and said the L was upside down.  "That's silly" he said.
 This one was a bit tough for Lachlan, but he got the bottom challenge part just fine. 
Lachlan loves mazes, and picked this one out.  I was happy that include letters, which I see as an area to work on with Lachlan.  As he worked his way through the maze he had to first trace the letter and then write it on the line at the bottom to make a word.  He did great at this, with just a few reminders to trace and write.  At the end I sounded out the word for him. 
 The Puppy's Adoption Day is a spacial awareness page, which Peter had no trouble with at all.
Peter loves his shapes and colors.  I worked through the color key with Peter just pointing to the shape and telling him that all the triangles need to be this color.  Then he would name the color and pick it out from our large pack of markers.  He found and colored all the shapes by himself. 

So much fun, and I am glad I have all these notes, so when I look back in a couple months I can see where they were compared to where they are.

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