Thursday, July 24, 2014

Adam's First Playdate

Adam has hung out with other babies.  Like his cousin Calem.  But this was his first official friend playdate.  It was super cute to say the least. 

Our neighbors behind us were due with their baby March 8th and Adam was due February 28th.  McKellen, our neighbors son, ended up being born February 17th and Adam was born March 7th.  They kind of switched birthdays.  So McKellen is 3 weeks older than Adam.  It's sort of interesting to see how gestational age plays into development.  So far McKellen, although gestationally younger, is ahead of Adam with motor skills.  You could tell pretty easily because when we laid a toy down in between them McKellen was always the first to get the grab.  Pretty soon he had all the toys. 

They really enjoyed grabbing each others hands and would try to pull it towards their mouth.  Eventually Adam was just offering McKellen his fingers for chewing. 

These photos aren't great photography on my part.  But they capture the moment pretty well.

I'm gonna get ya

 Seriously McKellen, you are adorable and he loves the Super Yummy.

So much cuteness

I have a tongue, and it's right here.

And my favorite image taken was from Nicole's iPhone.  Peter came out and was make believing that his book was all sorts of different creatures.  He was just talking talking talking.  When we looked down he had a captive audience.  Both the babies rolled to their sides to enjoy the entertainment. 

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