Friday, July 25, 2014

Let's Be Superheroes - Cape

Of course when the theme is superheroes, one of the days will be about capes.  The question of the day was, if you had a superhero cape, what would you do with it?

Lachlan says "save the world" and Peter echos with the same.

First we were to make a cape.  Mother Goose Time provided us with a large sheet of paper folded into thirds.  We talked about what color they would want their cape and then they were supposed to decorate their cape in that color.  I say supposed to because as soon as I laid out this big sheet of paper in front of them with markers they went off in their own direction.  They were both being so creative coming up with stories and trying to draw specific things.  I couldn't stop them.  I mostly just sat and watched in awe.  It was so fun to see their imagination hard at work.

On the first part of the paper Lachlan drew tall skyscraper buildings with a superhero climbing or flying up one of the buildings. 

 He stopped to think about what story he would draw out next.
 Peter was really getting into it.
 He decided he wanted to draw his foot and thought this would be the best way to do it.  Normally, I wouldn't allow feet on the table, but their focus and determination to create was just so cool to watch, I let a few rules slide for a time. 
 He decide to draw a monster truck scene and asked me how to write Monster Truck Repairer, so I wrote it out on a card for him to copy.
Peter was trying to draw a person and got sad because he "messed up".  It was a little hard to tell where exactly he messed up but his heart was broken.
 I asked him to if he wanted me to help him figure out how to draw a person and he did.  So first I asked him what shape our heads are as I drew in the air a big circle around my head.  He grinned and said circle!   He got right to work. 
 From there we talked through how to draw a body and arms.  He thought it was super funny to draw really  l o n g  arms. 
 I did it!

 Lachlan is writing out Monster Truck Repairer on the flag type things he has drawn on his paper.  He did pretty good. 
 Next he drew a superhero sitting at the table with all his superhero belongings. 
 He drew a mask and a cape and then was a bit stumped as to what else the superhero would need and asked me.  I peaked ahead at the lessons so I recommended a superhero belt for him to keep all his superhero tools on.  I LOVE this set of drawings. 

While they were working on their art I moved on to the discussion for Calling a Hero.  First MGT had us ask, who would  you call if you needed help?  Peter said "the superhero!"  Lachlan said "A monster for squishing him."  I said, who's him?  "The bad guy."

Next it led us into a discussion about 9-1-1 and when to call.  I talked through several different scenarios with them.  I then taught them the ASL sign for hero and explained that everyday people can be heroes too if we can help when someone is in need.

Since we were still at the table I asked them the discussion question for Cape Trick.  What could you do with a cape?  Peter said "fly" and Lachlan said "hide from other people."

The last activity of the day I did with just Lachlan.  For 1-2-3, Go! we got out our My Little Journal and turned to page 3.  Lachlan wrote out the numbers 1, 2, and 3 and then cut out pieces of paper as capes to cover the numbers.
 The next day Lachlan took the large paper he drew on and put on a show for me.  He even designated a spot for me to sit.
He set out the pencils as the viewing area.  The large section closes to where I am standing taking the picture was for me to sit in.  I kept on hearing him say as he was working "I've got to make it big enough for Mom's butt."  Ah thanks buddy. :)

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