Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grandma Norma's Birthday Cake

It's always fun to celebrate someone special in our lives by baking them a cake.  Grandma Norma's birthday is today and we are celebrating tonight at dinner.  So yesterday Lachlan and I made the cake and today all 4 of us, decorated the cake. Lachlan, Peter, myself and even Adam joined in the fun.  Well he was there and watching at least.
 First Lachlan poured in all the ingredients.
 Then he got to turn on the mixer.  He obviously thought that was a lot of fun.
As it's mixing Lachlan is sending a little love to Grandma using his sign language to say, I love you.  Just as a side note, when I put this Yankees jersey on Lachlan he laughed, he thought the word yankees was pretty funny.  Never really thought about it, but it's true. 
Then Peter got started on frosting.  Don't worry Grandma, I didn't let him lick the spatula until we were done.
Jeff bought the sprinkles in bulk.  They were a better deal after all.  So I put the sprinkles in a Parmesan type shaker.  Otherwise I figured we would have a whole lot of sprinkles piled in one area and not spread out amongst the whole cake.
 It worked great.
Here you can see Adam joining in on the fun.
Lachlan's turn.
Quite messy of course.  Looks like he is growing a mustache.
And then Adam ate some carrots.  He was very happy about it.

Happy Birthday Grandma Norma!  Can't wait to celebrate you tonight.

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