Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Let's Be Superheroes - Mask & Belt

On Mask day Mother Goose Time provided us with paper mask cut outs and elastic string.  It was the job of the boys to paint the masks as they desired.  They also provided us with disposable eye shadow applicators to use for painting.  I love how MGT does that.  We get all sorts of objects in our day bags to use for painting.
I generally let them choose two primary colors to paint with because it is inevitable that the colors will be mixed.  If they mix into another color, it tends to turn out better than 3 colors that, when put together, turn into mud.

Lachlan had painted his mask the day before so I got out the belt craft for him to work on.
Here is another great example of cool painting supplies.  This time they provided us with star shaped sponges.  Lachlan decorated his belt strap and the belt buckle with blue stars, while munching on some peanuts.  You can see his dry and complete mask on the counter there too. 

As you can see, sometimes our days become a mix of things.  Sometimes it's one last lesson from the day before I really want to finish before we start the new day or sometimes it's 2 kids doing 2 different things.  That's the nice thing about all the themes connecting in a theme web.  A superhero belt and a superhero mask, although different, fall into the same category, so we aren't too far off topic doing them both together.

To finish off mask day I had Lachlan work in his My Little Journal for Four Masks.  MGT had them draw a line down the middle vertically and then another down the middle of the page horizontally to divide the page into 4.  This was also on the page all about the number 4.  In each square they were to draw a picture of a mask.  Here is Lachlan's completed page.
In the upper left hand Lachlan drew a gronkle mask.  A gronkle is a type of dragon in the movie How to Train Your Dragon.  This is a favorite around here which is why our Guinea Pig is named Toothless, after the main dragon in the movie.  I love all the detail he put in, with all his spikes.  It's actually quite an accurate depiction. 

On Day 5 we learned all about superhero belts and we were introduced to the book of the month.  It's a super cute, comic book style, book made by Mother Goose Time or Experience Early Learning. 

These superhero friends, used their superhero powers to clean up the mess that the villain made.  I might just have to read this book to the boys over and over again.  Maybe they could use their superhero powers to clean up around here.

After Peter got done with his mask painting he started on his belt.  Both the belts were put away to dry and then sort of forgot about for a few days.  We brought them back out and put them together when we were on day 6, which was all about invisibility.
 Lachlan cut out the belt buckle and then I stapled everything together.
They were big fans of their superhero belts.  I am glad we didn't forget about them all together.

Lachlan also worked in his My Little Journal on page 5.  The instructions were to draw a belt and draw 5 superhero tools on it.
I think we were actually supposed to cut out a belt of construction paper but I could tell I was going to lose my opportunity with Lachlan so I drew one real quick.  He got 4 tools drawn and then ran out of steam and ideas.  But it was still a really neat concept.

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