Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Day 15 was all about hibernation.  I tried to do a little preparing for this day.  I actually got out the day bag the night before and cut apart things that needed it and read through the lessons.  I also wrote in the additional things I wanted to do with each boy in the margin.
Check out them apples.  It felt good to prepare.  I even wrote in what order I wanted to do the lessons, you can see the numbers 1 through 4 written next them.  I started with Bat in Hiding which required me to hide the 6 puzzle pieces under the table, like a bat hangs upside down in a cave. 

I think the boys thought it was pretty cool that the pieces were ready as soon as they woke up.  They crawled under and found the 6 puzzle pieces and then took turns putting them together. 

Next we did the Getting Ready to Hibernate lesson.  Mother Goose Time gave us these picture cards of many different animals that hibernate.  The boys each got to pick an animal and tell a story about it getting ready to hibernate.  But first, of course, we got to ask them a discussion question, who helps you get ready for bed?  I added, how do you get ready to sleep?  Peter says "I lay down."  Lachlan said "watching out the window."  I loved this answer because I just moved their room around and put Lachlan's bed in front of the window.  Even though the curtains are drawn at night, he can still see the stars and I guess he really likes it.
 Here is a picture of the animals and the stories they told me.
While we were still sitting at the table I had them feel their chests as they breathe.  This was for the lesson Sleep Stretch.  We talked about how when animals hibernate they slow down their breathing and their heart beat so that they don't need to eat.  When I asked Lachlan what he felt, he was quick to tell me he could feel his heart beat. 

Lastly we worked on our craft for the day, Build a Bear Den.  Mother Goose Time provided us with pop out bears in brown card stock paper and brown paper bags.  We were to cut out a hole in the front of the bag, close up the top and collect items for nature to fill our den with to make a cozy place for the bear to sleep. 

I love how Mother Goose Time provides for us some pieces already cut and prepared and some not.  My son Lachlan really likes to get things just right.  He doesn't like to "mess up" and really likes the finished product of his art or craft turn out just how he imagined in his mind.  So for him, the items they supply provide a perfect balance.  It allows him to get the finished product he had hoped for and at the same time gives him artistic freedom to create.  This really reduces his frustration level when it comes to arts and crafts.  For this I am very thankful. 

Take for instance this project.  He was able to have a perfectly cut out bear to add his creativity too.  If he had to cut out the bear, he would have gotten very upset, if it wasn't perfect, that it didn't look like a bear.  He would have just given up at that point.  But instead he did this.
 He added "bones" and a face to each of his bears.  He was beaming with pride. 

Next he went out and collected some leaves and grass for the den.
He also decided to roll up an additional paper bag and make a top for his den. 

Next we moved on to the additional items I had listed to do on this day.
 He put the flashcards 11 through 20 in order.
 He runs out of room on his desk and has to do 2 rows.  We have done this quite a few days in a row and for him the repetition has really helped.
 He read a couple Bob books.
 And worked in his More Math & More Literacy books from Mother Goose Time.  This is how you know Lachlan is concentrating, his tongue always sticks out a bit.  Grandma Norma is quite proud of this trait since her Dad, Great Grandpa Norman used to do this. 
This was the last section on this workbook page.  He was supposed to make his own pattern.  He had a plan, but once he got started he just kept drawing and forgot about the pattern.  I have to say, I think his work here is wonderful and I will treasure it always.

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