Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sharing Stories

Mother Goose Time started a new thing this year.  They have written and published books to go along with the curriculum theme.  Then through out the month, there are lessons that go along with the story.

On this day, day 16, MGT provided us with all the graphics from the book to cut out and a back drop to tell the story on.  So I got out the iPad and filmed the boys telling the story.

They did such an awesome job.  This is exactly how the book is written.  The book is called Does a Bear Wear a Hat in the Winter?  Each page asks a question, just like the title of the book.  Then the next page says, NO! with a picture of a bear wearing a hat, or a duck wearing a raincoat.  The next page describes how that animal is made perfect for the weather they live in.

The boys made some of the words their own, but got the whole concept of the story spot on.  It was actually fun to hear them say it in their own words. 

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