Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dinosaur Fossils with Mother Goose Time - a reflection.

The last time we were able to squeeze in any Mother Goose Time was January 8th.  Before I went back to work.  I have to tell you, adjusting to working full time with three children is HARD.  I do hope to write about that more in another post.  And hopefully you won't mind if I am frank with my thoughts.  I am not sure if many people talk about all the little hard things, and how much it really sucks. 

But back to these precious memories.  We got out the day on fossils where we dumped a bag of sand in a tray.  The letter we are working on is L, which is great because it's brother's letter.  I put the Ls in the sand and he used the paint brush to write L along side the hands-on letters.
So proud of his accomplishment.  He really just started getting great at writing over night!
Next he tried his own letter, A is for Adam. 
We had a little friend that I happened to be babysitting on this day and I gave her all the dinos and two containers to move the dinos from one to the other.  She also opened and closed the lids and was happy for quite a long time.
By now I had the paper dino bones all cut out and I buried them in the sand on the tray.  We talked about how paleontologists use brushes to uncover bones because the bones are fragile.  Talk about some great vocabulary.
 Piece by piece he found and slowly uncovered the bones. 
 Taking each one and placing it on the paper next to him. 

Then he covered the paper in glue and we put the bones together like a puzzle.  Next I had him pinch some of the sand from the tray and sprinkle it over the exposed glue on the paper. 
 He learned so many wonderful things on this day.  Some great vocabulary.  Practiced some spacial awareness by putting the puzzle of bones together and did some awesome writing practice.  All while having a ton of fun! 

Now that we have settled a little bit more into our routine, I really should, at the very least, pull out some Mother Goose Time every Saturday, just to spend some amazing one on one time with my little man. 

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