Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Recognize this thing?
It's a creamer container.  You know the yummy flavored creamers that make your coffee oh so excellent.  I am a bit more addicted to coffee now than I used to be so I have a few more of these than in the past.  They are such neat containers I have had fun dreaming up new uses.
This one we are using as our Christmas tree watering container.  Has a nice little spout for pouring into the stand while trying to maneuver between the branches. (Had to add this part after Amber's comment below) This makes it a lot easier for kids to take over this holiday chore.  The spout can be closed while they walk over to the tree so the water isn't spilled. Then it can be opened when they get there and are ready to pour.  The cap is really easy for them to open on their own.  Lachlan, my almost 4 year old, is in charge of this daily chore.  When his Dad gets home from work he has been asking Lachlan if he watered the tree.  Lachlan just beams as he get's to reply "yep" to his Dad.
I have also used one as a Cheerios dispenser when Peter was a bit younger and gobbling up the cheerios.  I could easily pour a few onto his high chair tray and close the spout to keep them fresh.
I also use them for cleaning products.  It's best to keep them well marked if storing cleaning products of course.  I have one with oxi clean and water ready to go for stains on clothing or on the carpet.  It sits on the shelf above my washing machine.  A little carpet cleaner meant for shampooers and water works well for carpet stains as well.
I also had the idea of packing a little laundry detergent for when we go to the beach for the weekend and are staying at a place with a washer and dryer.  I haven't actually done this but thought I could tape the lid shut and keep it somewhere in the car where it wouldn't be tossed around too much and it could make the trip with out spilling.  
One more idea I had but haven't done yet is to turn it into one of those look and see containers.  Fill it with rice and random small toys.  Your kids can turn it and shake it to reveal and find all the toys inside.  I would probably glue the cap on and the spout closed for this use but it is a nice strong container.  The neck would be a nice place for their little hands to hold on to as well.
Any other ideas you can think of?


  1. Tree waterer = genius! That way kids can do that job, I love it!

    1. I did leave that part out didn't I? Yes this is a perfect kids chore. This is Lachlan's job every day while the tree is up. Jeff comes home and asks Lachlan if he watered the tree today. Yep he gets to say with pride and a smile from ear to ear.
      It could be used year round for indoor plants too. We just don't have any. Not a green thumb that's for sure.