Monday, December 3, 2012

Ditch Fishing Expedition

My husband and I took the boys camping a few years ago.  Jeff found a cool stick, carved the bark off, tied a rope to the end of it and then a rock to the end of the rope to make a fishing pole for Lachlan.  Lachlan found it in the garage yesterday and wanted to go "fishing".  What better place than across the street in the flooded ditch.
Jeff was outside with Lachlan and I was inside with Peter.  He called me which worried me a bit so as I was answering the phone I was also walking to the door to see what was going on.  Jeff says "if you want to see something cute, come out front." 
Of course I grabbed Peter and my camera and headed out.
"Here fishie fishie fishie"
 If you call to the fish they will come.

 As we were walking up and down the ditch Peter wanted to balance on the curb but he wanted Daddy's help.  So he would say "help" in a grunted voice as if he was struggling to do some hard labor of some sort and would just stand there with his outstretched hand waiting for Dad to come to his aid.  Quite the drama really.

  Jeff was working out in the garage trying to get shelves built.  Yay! So that is the reason for his outdoor attire.  He was so kind to take a 45 minute break to enjoy this "moment".

I am trouble.  Can you see it in my eyes?

 Fishing on the corner of River Oak and Alder. 
  The content and slightly sick little fisherman.
I think we caught one.
I think it's a big one.
  Jeff asked Lachlan to hold on to his brother. 
  I think he was telling me to get out of the road in this picture.  He is a very safety conscious little boy.  But son if Mommy stays off the street she can't get the right angle on the shot.  He just doesn't understand that part.  The risks we must take.

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