Sunday, January 13, 2013

Play Time with Lachlan

It's a Sunday afternoon, Peter fell asleep on his way home from church and stayed asleep.  Jeff also needed some more rest after a long night up with Peter, so after lunch he took a nap.  It was just Lachlan and I spending some one on one time.

I got out his new Melissa & Dough Whittle World collection and set up his airport and set up the farm in the kitchen (where I was instructed to put it by Lachlan).  Lachlan flew passengers to "Montana" for vacation (we just took a vacation to Yellowstone over the summer.)
Lachlan was booming the poor Buffalo after they went into the ranch and knocked everything over.
The Buffalo got him back though and knocked him over.

A few planes coming in for a landing.
He had to fly the cowboys in from Montana too.
Tried to do a self portrait of the two of us but I can't get far enough away with my 50mm lens.  I still love this one though.
Finally I thought I would set the timer to see if we could get one.
We had such a good time together.

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