Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Kathy!

It's Kathy's birthday tomorrow.  Her son Grant does not think you can have a birthday with out cake and since I knew I would have him the day before her birthday I thought we should bake her a cake.  Kathy, if you are reading this, I just want to point out that I baked something for you.  Since you know me, you know how much I must love ya to do such a thing.

Of course, it wasn't so much about the finished product as the love that went into it.  Especially since we didn't have vegetable oil, so I had to use olive oil instead.  I chronicled the baking as best as I could while also managing to care for 4 kids and hopefully, have cake batter to bake at the end of it all.

So as soon as Kathy stepped out the door this morning I squealed with excitement.  They looked at me like I was a bit mad.  I said, "guess whose birthday is tomorrow? Kathy's!" I exclaimed.  "Grant's Mom, do you guys want to make her a cake?"  YEAH!

So we ran to the counter and got started.
He is actually saying "Happy Birthday"
Got his chefs hat on
I told Lachlan that we were going to let Grant do most of the work because it's for his Mom.  Lachlan's exact words "But I love Kathy too!"  Ahh.

Peter helped too, you can see him peaking through

I get to hold the mixer?  This is pretty awesome.
Lachlan said he was strong enough to pour.
Tried the chefs hat on Cody, not a big fan.
Checking on their cake, waiting is hard.

I told the boys we had to let the cake cool down before we put frosting on it.  So we would frost it after naps.  So later in the evening we started frosting and decorating.

We had to taste the frosting to make sure it was good.

Putting the candies on very carefully.

Every candy has to be in it's place.  Which clearly demonstrates the difference between Grant and Peter.  I gave Peter the dish to sprinkle the candies on and he dumped it on the cake.  Note the large mass of candies in the center.  Where as Grant took them one at a time and placed them precisely on the cake.

Lachlan's turn to add a few candies
Grant and Peter had to try the candies too.

 And voila!  Your cake masterpiece is done.

I do hope it tastes okay, if not, pretend, for Grant's sake. :)

Happy Birthday Kathy, you are truly the best.  Couldn't ask for a better friend through this crazy life.  I hope you enjoy your cake story and all the love that went into it.

See you tomorrow with your annual Blizzard. 

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