Friday, July 19, 2013

July Day 9 - Pointillism Umbrella

My boys are really enjoying all the different ways we are making art this month.  Today's pointillism was a big hit.

First we picked out the black Resourcefulness feathers from Falco's nest.  Resourcefulness means to use what you have.  Instead of using the "Use it or Lose it" question at the end of the scenario I just asked was he being resourceful, did he use what he had?  Lachlan and Peter both understood this a little better. 

For Searching for Shelter we were to talk to them about what we use to keep us safe from the weather.  Lachlan thought of an umbrella right away and ran to the front closet to get his out.  Next we built our shelter.  I asked him if he thought the shelter would protect him from the rain?  He said no.  Then I asked if it could protect us from the bright sun.  He said yes.  Which is of course the right answer because our shelter was made out of blankets.  I was pretty proud.

Next we got to the painting.  We were painting pointillism like the painting Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges-Pierra Seurat.  I first told the boys that some people paint with little dots.  A bunch of little dots put together to make a picture.  I showed them the copy of the painting we got as part of our supplies for the month.  One one of the trees by the water you can really see all the little dots.  So we got out our magnify glasses to look a little closer.

After examining the painting we got out our black umbrellas to decorate.  They supplied us with Q-tips and had us use the Q-tips to dip in the paint and paint in dots on our umbrella.  Both the boys really enjoyed this.  They took their time.  They only painted in dots and didn't get distracted and start painting in other ways.  I gave them yellow and blue paint.  Towards the end, Peter was done, Lachlan wanted to keep going but he wanted to mix the yellow and blue to get a new color.  So he mixed them up and added some green dots.  At the end I asked Lachlan to hold his umbrella up so I could take a picture.  He is so smart, he held it up over his head like a real umbrella.

Everyday there is a song or a poem for us to say or listen to.  Today we did the classic, rain, rain, go away, come again another day.  This made Lachlan smile.  He said it a few times with me and then I pointed out how day and away sounded the same. 

At the end of the day they got their pay for all their hard work. 

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