Monday, July 22, 2013

July Day 10 - Modern Shape Art

I am finding it a bit challenging to get a lot of school done on some days.  We bought a new kiddie pool and the boys have been spending a lot of time swimming.  I know how I wrote on one day we didn't even start until 6pm and then zoomed through everything.  So school has just looked different so far this summer.  Which is okay, right?  It is summer.  Day 10 actually took us 2 days to complete.  It's so nice to have something though, when there are those down moments where you don't want to just turn on the TV but really engage your kids.

On Day 1 of Day 10 it was a Wednesday so we had 5 kids here.  Colton and Riley join us for the day.  We only did the first 2 lessons.  Brown - Generosity and Round Race.  The kids were ready to move so we didn't last long discussing the Generosity feather.  Colton is actually a really generous boy, he's got that one down.  I explained that generosity is when you give what you can.  I tried to talk to each child individually for them to really hear me.

Next we did the Round Race.  This is a play lesson, one designed to get them moving and boy did it ever.  We were supposed to build a circular track to have them race around.  Instead I had them race around the tree in the center of our yard.  It has a circle cut out of the grass around the base of the tree.  They started at one spot and I set a timer for 30 seconds.  They ran around as many times as they could in that time as I counted.  When their time was up they were given a foam circle for every lap they made around the circle.  Anyone noticing the circle theme?  I quickly started running out of the foam circles.  They were fast runners. So I got out Lachlan's piggy bank and gave them round pennies.  When everyone had taken their turn we counted our circles to see who had the most.  Colton and Riley both had 6 circles.  No one wanted to quit.  So we kept running and running and running.  Which lead to a couple really good naps.  So thank you MGT.

I got Lucy all lined up and ready to race.  I said, ready, set, go and this is what I got.  She cracks me up.  I thought maybe if her bud Peter raced with her.   Peter and the rest of the gang joined her for the last race and she finally took off and had a blast.

We were still in our jammies, I was trying to get a good start on the day so we could get through everything.  We ended up having a lot of fun with a lot of other things.  So the second part was done on Day 2 of Day 10 which came the next day.

We worked on the art project Circling Around when it was just Lachlan, Peter and Lucy.  We used these wooden spools as stamps to stamp circles on the circle cut out.  It was a modern art project using shapes, just one shape today.  The circle cut out had a spiral on it to cut.  So once the kids stamped the paper I cut the spiral out and it turned into this really cool piece of art. There was an added element where they wanted you to mix white paint with a color to make varying shades.  I didn't have white so I mixed yellow with red to make varying shades of red to orange.  It worked out okay, however, new paints have been added to my shopping list. 

With the paint on the paper I thought it would be best for me to do the cutting.  I did want Lachlan to give the actual cutting a try though.  He seems to be getting better and better.  Since I only had three kids this day I actually had one circle cut out left over.  So I gave it to Lachlan to try.  He did really well.  When he was all done he called it his snake and played with if for a day or two.

Peter is really intent on watching brother.

Here are our finished projects.  They hung to dry for the rest of the day. 

Lastly we did some dancin' to the "Keep Movin' and Groovin' " track on the Groovin with the Goose cd.  I put a brown (tan) circle on the ground that we danced around.  The kids really have some great moves.

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