Monday, July 29, 2013

July Day 13 - Mixing Colors

Right after breakfast we started our day.  I put the white heart on the Easel Poster.  Their paint brushes were set out on the dining room table.  I told them to grab their paintbrush.  The one with their name on it. They grabbed the correct one and went over to the poster to tap the white heart and say white heart.  Next I asked if they could draw a heart in the air with their brushes.  They weren't sure how to do it with their brushes but put them down and drew a heart with their finger. 

We got out Falco's feather and found the white Generosity feather.  The scenario on the back said that Falco had just bought a new pack of paper.  His friend asked if he could barrow a piece and Falco said no.  Was that generous?  Did he give him the paper?  No Lachlan answered. 

Next we built an Eagles nest!  Not a real one of course but I got out scrap paper and laid it out 8 sheets by 5 sheets as MGT instructed.  This is how big a real Eagles nest would be.  Crazy!  I never would have thought.  I asked them how many kids could fit in the nest.  1, 2 Lachlan counted him and Peter.  Well there are 2 in here now but I bet more could fit in.  In the next second, Mona, our dog walked into the nest.  Lachlan decided, he would be the Daddy Eagle, Peter the Mommy Eagle and Mona was the baby Eagle.  They played and squawked like eagles for quite a while.

We hopped up at the learning tower for the art project today.  They gave us these cute paint palette pieces of paper and water droppers.  I got out our water color and a glass of water for each boy.  I had them use the droppers to add water to the paint first.  Then take the watery paint and squeeze drops onto the palette.  I instructed them on which color to do first and then second.  I didn't want it just to turn into mud.  So we did red, then yellow.  Next blue then yellow.  I let them experiment from there.  Peter was more focused on squeezing the water in and out and changing the color of the water with the paint.  But it was still a good experiment for him. 

The rest of today's tasks had to wait because Grant and Cody arrived and we had to get settled into our day.  Later in the afternoon when Cody was napping, Grant, Peter, Lachlan and I read the Book of the Month.  As we read along we talked about the colors and specifically searched out the color white.  They got really good at spotting it.  They did really well sitting and enjoying the story as well.  I need to keep up the habit of reading, I gave it a bit of a break because it was hard to keep their attention. 

The most fun of the day was Artist in Europe Bingo.  My boys have never played bingo.  The traditional numbers bingo would be too tough for them.  But this had pictures of different art supplies on it.  Each card was a little different and I had a stack of picture cards to draw from.   I used dry beans for the markers and had the boys put one bean on the free space before we got started.  I actually held on to the pile of beans until I showed the picture card.  Otherwise the beans would have become a point of distraction.  I showed the card and asked who had this picture on their card.  "I do" they would exclaim if they had it and sometimes if they didn't.  If they did have it then I would pass them a bean and they would mark it.  I had to point it out to each child when they had a bingo but they loved yelling BINGO!  We played several rounds.  You know how some people are just lucky at bingo and some are not?  Peter got the lucky gene, and it wasn't from me. 


Lastly I had a conversation with Lachlan.  MGT had us ask: When have you given something to another person? What did you give? (a hug, smile, money or a picture you drew)  I pointed out to Lachlan that not everything you give has to cost money.  But a hug or a smile or something special you made is also a great thing to give. 

At the end of the day I paid them each their 5 Fly dollars.  Actually Lachlan was laying down, a grumpy bug had set in. I had Grant and Peter divide out the money as we have in the past and then choose to put the extra dollar in which ever envelope they wish.  Today Grant put his extra in the save envelope, he was pretty adamant about that.  Peter put his in the spend.  I think it is fun to see what decision they make from day to day. 

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