Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Day 14 - Picasso - Cubism

We did everything out of order today and it worked out just fine.  I put the orange square on the Easel Poster and the boys saw me so they asked me which shape I was putting up.  I thought that was pretty great, they know our routine well.

Next I got to work drawing a large head on the back of some of our blueprint paper for Search Part-y.  I taped it down to the counter and drew what looked like an alien head.  But I figured it would work.  Then I pulled out a scrap piece of paper and drew two eyes, two ears, lips and a nose.  I hid them around the room.  It was a little while later that we had an opportunity to find the pieces.  They just stayed hidden until then.  Actually what spurred on the activity was when Lachlan found one of the pieces and was wondering what it was. 

Each child searched for pieces for the face and if they found the piece they got to glue it anywhere on the head they wanted.  Lachlan found most of the pieces so he put most of them on and they were pretty accurate.  Peter got the nose and it's in the oddest place.  But that's the point of Picasso right?

After we had all the pieces of the face on I asked them what kind of hair they wanted on their head.  I asked, curly or straight hair?  Then I asked, long or short?  They chose curly long hair.  So I started making the long curls on this beautiful head.  When all was said and done Peter sat across the counter and pouted.  "I said I didn't want long curly hair."

The day continued with it's crazy schedule.  When most of the kids were down for a nap I got out the die that came in the box this month for the Emergency Money.  This is another cool money lesson I would not have thought of.  The die has emergency scenarios on it.  Each scenario varies in severity and the amount you have to pay.  I had Lachlan roll the die.  He got the most expensive emergency.  He fell off a ladder while painting and had to go to the hospital, he had to pay 5 Fly dollars.  Oh man, that was expensive buddy.  That's another reason why we have to save our money, for emergencies.  Like when Goose get's sick and has to go to the vet.  Goose is a cat, that looks like a cow.  He and another cat in the neighborhood are not friends and we have had to take him to the vet more frequently.  So this made sense to him completely. 

I used this same lesson later in the day.  Lachlan asked to lay down in his bed and rest but he had to wait until I got a new sheet on the bed.  He was standing behind me on the desk chair and said "and then I will jump."  As in when I was done he was going to jump from the desk chair to his bed.  I said no Lachlan that's not safe.  "It's okay" he said.  No it's not okay bud, you could hurt your self and have to go to the hospital.  I don't want to use my money that I have saved to pay the hospital I would rather buy tickets to ride on a big airplane.  Wouldn't you?  He quickly got off the desk chair and safely climbed on to the bed.  Yay for another MGT moment!

Some time later, Lachlan and worked on My Picasso.  I pulled apart all of the pieces that came in the bag today.  Super cool squares and rectangles, some with abstract ears and eyes on them.  I gave Lachlan a glue stick and told him he could put the pieces together however he liked and at the end we would put these eyes and lips.  They provided wiggle eyes and sticker lips.  I showed Lachlan the little picture in the lesson plan book as well just to give him an idea.  He started collecting all the pieces with face parts on it and stuck them on the page, then he mixed in a few others.  It was fun to let him have complete freedom with his choices. 

I saved the cooking activity for Jeff.  He had actually thought of making potato soup tonight, so when I told him he was in charge of making Picasso's Potato Soup with the kids tonight it didn't faze him.  We had to wait until the end of the day, they were both in their jammies and we were pretty close to bed time, but that's okay.  They climbed up on the learning tower and we got out this kitchen tool, I have no idea what the name is but I took some pictures.  I think it's original purpose was for cutting dough?  Anyhow it has a pretty dull edge and a nice handle for the kids to push down and chop the veggies.  We told them they had to use 2 hands on it for cutting.  If both hands were on the kitchen tool, none could be under it, right?  Well that was our hope and it worked pretty well.  They dumped all their chopped veggies into a cold pot.  Jeff added the sauteed onions and hot butter into the pot after the boys were scooted away from the stove top.  Now that the soup is all put together and cooking, we should get the kids to bed, but I am sure Jeff will save some for us to try tomorrow.  

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