Friday, October 11, 2013

Dairy Farm Feild Trip

I did a photo session for a college friend, Katie, and her family.  We live quite a ways from each other so we decided to meet at her in-laws dairy farm.  It was so much fun and such a wonderful place, I knew my boys would love to see the barn full of calves.  So I asked if we could come by again.  I actually said "I think we might have to just accidentally drive out this way." No accident was needed.  We were kindly invited back.

Today we met Katie out there and her son Sammy and I got to show my boys the dairy farm.  My Mom was raised on a dairy farm and I grew up going to Minnesota to visit family and staying at the same dairy farm my Mom was raised at.  So this was pretty nostalgic really.  The sites, sounds and smells reminded me of my time in Minnesota. 

This month's theme with Mother Goose Time is called "Down on the Farm."  So this trip could not have fit in at any better time.  That's why I call it a field trip. 

At first, Peter wasn't quite sure what to think of these calves so he stayed to the one side with empty stalls. 
The funny part was, that the calves weren't quite sure about him either. 
 Peter was helping Jordan try to teach this new little guy how to drink out of the pail rather than the bottle.
 He put the bottle nipple into the milk and the calf would come and drink through it kind of like the straw.  Then they figure out that they can drink with out it.
 He did not put the bottle down for the rest of the time. 
 Getting a lick from the calf.  Those whiskers tickle.
 A calf was just born when we were there.  I thought this was pretty awesome.  Lachlan said "Ew."
Lachlan was loving it.  I asked him to pose.  I kept them in their around the house grubbies.  He really wanted the pocket of his sweat pants out. 
What a cheese face.
 Still has the bottle, won't let go.  Seems quite attached.
 Saying goodbye.
This farm raised 5 boys.  They had this awesome teeter totter.  This is why you have to have at least 2 kids, right?  They have never played on a teeter totter before.  Needless to say, they really liked it.
The cows were one thing.  But the teeter totter and the toys inside the house were a big draw too.  Again, this house raised 5 boys.  They had this big family room with a toy box/barn with nerf guns.  The kind with the foam darts that you can shoot at the sliding glass door and they stick.  Man did they love those. 

What a fun little adventure.  Thank you Katie, Jordan and Gloria!

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