Friday, October 11, 2013

Pictures, Just for Fun

Every year I create a Shutterfly book for each of my kids.  January 8th through January 7th of the next year for Lachlan and February 13th through the 12th for Peter, one full year of their lives.  I create a file on my computer labeled Lachlan 4 to 5 and Peter 2 to 3.  As I upload photos, I copy and paste favorites into that file folder.  At the end of the year I then upload the file to Shutterfly and start working on the book. 

This year, as my photo taking and editing has skyrocketed with blogging routinely, I have gotten behind and have been playing catch up.  I noticed, that most of the pictures I have been taking are for the blog, so they are of the boys doing lessons and school projects.  So I gave myself a pep talk "come on Tracy, you have got to get the camera out for all the fun stuff too, playing in the backyard, making silly faces etc."  It was a good pep talk between me and myself. 

Here are just a few of the, just for fun photos. 

Lachlan wanted me to take a picture of him sitting in his Dad's truck tire.  Peter of course thought he needed to as well.  Again, that's how Peter says "cheese".  I promise, that's his smile. 
Jeff's parents came over the Sunday before his birthday to celebrate.  The boys all piled on Daddy's lap.  It was dark, so the pictures are super grainy.  I should have turned on the flash, but oh how I hate flash. 
 I think he was trying to get Lachlan to smile.  Peter of course has his smile on. 
Peter was just sitting outside on the edge of the deck working on his lawn mower.  Looked pretty darn cute out there.
Lachlan playing guitar and Peter wearing Daddy's boots.  He was actually walking around pretty well in those things.

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