Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Amazing Body - Day 2 through 4

I have pictures from a little bit of each day from Day 2 through 4 of the Mother Goose Time, My Amazing Body curriculum.  So I thought I would share with you the pictures and tell a little about what we were learning in each of them.
 This isn't the greatest photo but I took it to show you how we made the hair for the Happy Head Shaker on Day 2 where we learned all about our heads.  Lachlan is holding up Peter's head shaker on a stick.  Peter had very carefully and tediously cut his blue square of tissue paper into strips and then crumpled them all up.  I took a piece of tape and put it sticky side up on the table.  I turned the two ends under, so that it would stick to the table but the whole middle is the sticky part.  Then we worked together to place all the tissue pieces on the tape.  When he was done I peeled it up from the table and stuck it to the top of his head shaker, wrapping it all the way around.  It looked pretty cool and was probably the easiest way to do it.  We learned this trick when making our special ribbon pencils at co-op.
I am doing my best to work some of the Experience God curriculum into our day.  This month is all about Jesus and his miracles.  We read the story about the women who believed she could be healed, if only, she could touch Jesus' robe.  The first part of the lesson had us just talk about touch and we touched on the knee, elbow, shoulder and so on.  Next Lachlan tried on the robe and I touched it in the back to see if he could feel it.  The Explain part of the lesson says: Good feels our pain even before we tell him.
This B lesson was on Day 3 where we were learning about our Bodies.  I set out the B photo cards, one with a picture of a ball and the other a button.  I also set out the Hands-on Letter Bs.  We were supposed to get out a ball, bean bags and blocks to carry to the B photos.  We just dug out our bean bags which were there in the living room.  I didn't want to get out a ball inside, so I avoided that part.  I held the Hands-on letters behind my back and had the boys pick a hand.  If they got the big B they had to bounce to the ball picture, if they got the little b I had them bounce to the button card.  After all of that, I had them try to toss the beanbags to the Hands-on Bs. 
Lachlan added a bit more fun to the mix by trying to balance the bean bags on his head.  The whole time we were doing this we were practicing B sounds.  After all, there were a lot of B words included; ball, button, beanbag, bounce, balance.

Here we are at Circle Time, better known as breakfast, on Day 4 which is all about our arms.  You can see the new book was introduced on this day Beatriz Bananas and the Very Big Hat.  During Circle Time we were to recite the rhyme,
There were 11 in the bed, 
And the little one said,
"Roll over, roll over"
So they rolled around, 
And one fell to the ground
We were supposed to put buttons on the book, but we didn't have our new shape manipulatives yet and I didn't have a collection of buttons laying around.  So I grabbed what was handy, cheerios.  I put 11 on the book and each time "one fell to the ground" in the rhyme was read I would flick one off.  I tried to aim them towards the boys and they would eat them after they came shooting towards them. 

While still at the table on this day I started the first lesson because we were to read the new book and the boys were begging me to read it. 

 Adam joined us too.  He really loved the pictures in the book, so I made sure he could see them well. 

This was the discussion question, before we read the book.  What is taller than you? Lachlan exclaimed "Elephant!" Peter, "Dinosaur!" 

I showed them the front and back cover first and asked them what they saw.  Monkeys and a girl and a jungle.  On the back Lachlan pointed out the straight line.  I thought that was fun. 

I read through the story and they were quite captivated.  There were 3 questions to ask at the end.  What did Beatriz make? and why? They both answered correctly saying "hats" and Lachlan explained that she made them to sell. 
What happened to her hats? "Monkeys grabbed them."
What do you eat for breakfast? Lachlan said "cereal", we were sitting at the table eating cereal after all.  Peter said "milk, bread & butter & honey."

I will have to take some more pictures of the book to share with you.  They boys have continued to ask me to read it, so you know it's a good one.  Mother Goose Time created and published this book and all month long Beatriz and her very tall hat will be making appearances.  We played Beatriz BINGO on Day 5.  This makes the story and this book even more appealing to the kids.  Anything that makes them more excited about reading makes me very happy.

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