Monday, September 15, 2014

My Amazing Body - Legs

We sat down to breakfast and started our circle time festivities.  Calendar and weather and then the first question of the day.  How are your legs similar to your arms?  "They are the same color" Lachlan says.

Next we sang the song which worked out perfectly at the table.

Touch, touch, touch your thigh,
Touch it if you can.
(Pat thighs.)
Reach up high then touch your thigh,
Touch it if you can.

This was sung by the tune of row, row, row your boat and we switched out thigh for other parts of the body and legs.

Following the order in the Planning Journal, we started with the lesson Balancing on B.  While we were still at the table I asked the question, how long can you balance on one foot?  Lachlan promptly jumped up, stood on one foot on top of his chair and started balancing.  I nicely asked him to sit back down and told them when we were done eating we would stand on the floor to balance and I would time him.
So maybe that one wasn't the best one for at the table.
Here he is balancing between the Bs.  While he was balancing between the Bs I asked him to come up with B words.  So we sounded out /b/b/b/ balloon, we came up with a few others and I pointed out that balance starts with a b.

While we were balancing on B, Peter was working on writing his Rs.  Peter has been trying to write his name and he does an awesome job but often forgets, or maybe doesn't remember how, to write an R.  So I got out our pouches and slid in this letter R practice sheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler. He was pretty proud of his 2 Rs.

Next we played Beatriz BINGO.  The graphics on the BINGO game matched the graphics from the book we got this month.  I didn't get any pictures, but my boys love BINGO.  I have the bug one laminated and in my diaper bag along with a bag of pennies.  I pull it out and have them play it all the time, doctor's offices, restaurants etc.  
After we were done playing BINGO Lachlan wanted to write Beatriz's name.  So I wrote it at the top of a sheet of paper and let him practice.  The letters are a little out of order, but they are all there.  He decided to write his name as well.

The last thing we did on Leg day was to make a Shape CreationMother Goose Time provided us with a big yellow circle.  Then I provided magazines they could cut up and some paper too.  I kind of just gave them free reign at this point.  Tape, scissors, glue.  Peter made a spider and Lachlan put two circles together to make a Lachlan replica, a Lachlan with a mustache that is.  I never did get a picture of that one before it got destroyed.  Kind of sad about that.  But here is Peter working on his spider.
 He wanted tape and recently I have discovered this handy idea.  Put little pieces of tape on the edge of the counter for him to easily grab.  We used to do this when I was young but kind of forgot about it until now.  I have really been trying to give them time to work independently, if I do this I can walk away and let them work with out too much frustration. 

 Here is his finished spider he very carefully hung on the refrigerator.  I reminded him that spiders have 8 legs when he showed me the first draft of his spider with only 4 legs.  He almost got 8 on there, 7 is pretty close.

 This is one of the legs Lachlan used on his Lachlan replica. 
The new pencil sharpener is up and Peter needed to sharpen his pencil I guess. 
The new manipulatives that come in the Mother Goose Time kit were on back order, so they came in the mail a few days into the month.  This was the first school day we had them so I got out the lessons that went along with them from the first few days and we did some catch up.  I knew Peter would like these the most and so I set them up at his school spot. 
He made this awesome necklace with the buttons and he wanted me to take a picture.  Lachlan took a picture too.  Future blogger maybe?

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