Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Leaves 2014

Every year we have to play in the leaves from the tree in our backyard.  It usually loses it's leaves pretty early in the fall.  Of course, I have to take the opportunity to get some great fall photos.  This year was not different.

Grandma Norma, these are for you.

Dad got the leaf blower out.
What's a brother for if not to offer a little protection?

Daddy and the leaf blower got a little closer.
And closer.
Too close!
It sounded like Adam wanted to join in on the fun.  But he wasn't too thrilled.
I love this picture.  Getting comfort from Daddy.
Mid air.
Lachlan went first, Peter went second, and jumped right on.
Knocked him right over.
There is so much joy in this picture, it is unreal.
Poor Daddy.

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