Monday, October 13, 2014

Lachlan's LEGO Combine

This summer, my best friend Kathy took my boys out on the combine while harvesting wheat.  She has offered Lachlan every year, but this is the first year he accepted.  She took them each on about a 30 minute ride.  Just as long as it takes to fill the bin in the back requiring a trip to truck to unload.

Wheat is a pretty cool one to watch.  The combine is fitted with this huge header that cuts the wheat and feeds it into the combine all at once.  As compared to grass fields which are cut first and then combined.  (I hope I got all that right Kathy?)

Kathy gave me a report about the details of the ride and Lachlan couldn't get enough information.  He was asking about every little part and piece.

This morning, Lachlan said he wanted one of those LEGO combines, like at Tuesday's house.  Well it wasn't a LEGO combine it was a Playmobil Harvester and I told him I would add it to his Christmas list.  Next thing I know he disappears into his room to build with LEGOs.

He comes out and announces with pride that he built a combine.  Honestly I was in the middle of making lunch so I didn't pay much attention.  Finally, we were sitting down to lunch and he had it sitting at the table.  When I checked it out, I was floored.  So proud of him.
 Check out that header. 
Forgive me Kathy, I don't know the technical name, but he has the arm that unloads the wheat into the hauling truck.
 He's even got that spinning wheel on the back!
 What do you think Kathy?!?!  Pretty good, right?