Tuesday, June 23, 2015

He Brought Me Dandelions

Adam spent his morning searching the backyard for dandelions and he brought them in to show me.  I couldn't let the moment pass with out getting some pictures.  He's almost 16 months old.

Let me warn you before you start scrolling.  I had a really hard time narrowing the images down.  :)

I wasn't prepared for him to hold them out towards me, so the camera is a bit shaky.
Love those little hands.

Big smile

Oh my.  That crazy hair and cheesy grin melts my heart.
Still has a good grip on those dandelions.
I love his little baby belly sticking out in this one.
Those blue eyes.

He thought he might try to eat a dandelion.
Mommy trying to stop him.
See Mom.
 I showed him how I put my dandelions in my hair, behind my ear.
He had to give it a try.
But he mostly shoved it IN his ear.

Tried another bite and didn't like it much.

Big yawn.
Swinging on Mommies camera strap.
Silly face.
He does this thing where he leans forward, tilts his head and gives you a big cheesy grin.  It's so adorable.
These pictures remind me a lot of little Peter doing the same thing 3 years ago.  He was about the same age as Adam is now.
Peter trying to put a dandelion behind is ear.
 You can see that full post here.

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  1. I love when photos play like a movie! I can sympathize with not wanting to narrow down those great pics! He is so cute!