Friday, June 5, 2015

Our Family as Peg Dolls - by Little Peg Dolls

I just mentioned in a previous post that we are studying homes this month with Mother Goose Time.  I borrowed a dollhouse and I wanted to find some dolls to play with inside the house.  At first I was going to order a generic doll set through Amazon and then I remembered my friend Crystal who started a little peg doll business called Little Peg Dolls.  I sent her a message asking all sorts of questions and she was kind enough to answer back.

As I was still trying to decide I asked Lachlan what he thought about getting a little doll painted to look like him.  He thought that sounded great and I showed him some pictures from Little Peg Doll's Facebook page.  I said, these ones don't have arms.  You okay with that?  "Yeah" he says, "we'll just be like tomatoes."  Huh?  It took me a second to catch on.  "Oh, like Veggie Tales?"  "Yep!" 

So the decision was made, Lachlan didn't care if they didn't have arms and I was thrilled that the dolls would be a representation of our family. 

Unfortunately for Crystal, I sent her all the little details about my boys so that she could have a bunch of information to choose from when painting the dolls.  Don't worry, she took it well and had fun with it.  Seeing how she has 4 boys of her own, I knew she would get the boy concept well.

I am so excited that they arrived today, I have to share.  Introducing, my family as peg dolls . . .
I told her that Jeff wears a lot of plaid collared shirts.  He actually has that exact shirt, so I don't know if she guessed or got on Facebook and found a picture of him wearing it.  I asked her to make me nice and girly since I am the only girl.  So I have nice long hair, earrings and a necklace.  Oh and the purse is awesome.  It has sunglasses, an OSU flag and a capri sun.  Love it!
I had her put super hero capes on the boys and their letter on the cape.  So there is Lachlan, Peter and Adam all lined up. 
 Lachlan wanted a train on his shirt and his favorite color is red. 
Peter wanted a monster truck on his shirt and his favorite color is green.  I just noticed the monster truck has a P on the door too!
When we got to Adam, my only little blonde, I wasn't sure what to do.  He isn't old enough to tell me what his favorite thing is.  But I do know one thing.  He loves being outside, ALL THE TIME.  So I suddenly realized the typical little boy portrayal would be perfect for him.  Overalls, dirty with patches and a frog in his pocket.  She also put a super hero cape on Adam too, which is awesome.  I can totally see him wearing this outfit someday. 

They all just started going crazy with these things. 
 It looks like the dollhouse isn't big enough. 
 Peter is going up the stairs.
 Adam wanted to join in too! 
 This looks like a serious family discussion.
 Looks like the problem was solved.  Mom and Dad are heading out. 
 Meanwhile, Lachlan was downstairs playing the piano. 

This weekend Jeff and I are going to read our vows to each other with our family present to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  I was just telling the boys about it so Lachlan wanted to set the Mom and Dad peg doll up like they are "getting married" in the backyard.
 It kind of looks like we are butting in on a little peg doll moment here.  Oh and check out that purse!
We make such a good pair!

As we were sitting down to lunch I said "hmm, I wonder what little Lachlan and little Peter are doing right now? I bet they are hungry.  But they don't have plates or cups or a table." 

That's all it took and Lachlan was ready to design and build a table for our little peg doll family. 

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