Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Good Fit

This month we are going on safari with Mother Goose Time.  In the first week we are learning about passports, packing, game reserves, vehicles and safari safety.  It's a great way to build a framework around the topic. 

On packing day, I first started by finally putting together the star wand that was sitting on the table in pieces for days. 
I called this post "a good fit" because I am still in awe of how well I can adapt each lesson to fit each of my boys.  Adam is getting closer and closer to 2 and is learning so fast!  He may not have been able to put the star wand together, but he was still able to enjoy it in his way.  As he played I talked about it's color and I know before long he will be repeating the words right after me.
 The Teacher's Guide is also a "good fit" for our cat Goose.  A perfect bed, apparently.
This month one of the letters we are focusing on is S.  This is a letter Lachlan knows.  He knows the sound it makes and for the most part he knows how to write it.  But S can be tricky, it's easy to reverse.  So when MGT recommended having them make an S with a sock I put him right to work.  Even though he is in 1st grade, visualizing an S, in a new way, might just make it stick. 
Here Adam (22 months) is coloring his Safari Hat.  Of course if you are learning about packing up for a safari you have to pack a hat. He put so much into this hat.  He was really intentional with his coloring. 
 I stapled it all together and there he is, a lot of adorable in a safari hat.  It's a perfect fit! 
Mother Goose Time provided some collage materials.  Lachlan colored his hat brown and then cut up the tissue paper to glue on. 
Another example of the same craft for two different ages. 
 All ready to go!  We just need to finish lunch. 
I love how easily I can make each lesson fit each of my children, whether 22 months or 7 (He just had a birthday!).

These are two examples of the crafts but in the next post I will show you some of the other tools that are also easily adaptable.  I love seeing MGT translated by each of my children as I adapt it to fit them individually.

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  1. Your cat lives on the Teacher Guide huh? :) I still need to make the star wand and shadow puppets...