Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Paint with Water

I was recently reminded how much fun little ones can have while "painting" with water.  When you get a dry fence wet or stone wet it changes to a darker shade.  This allows little ones to paint with out the paint.  It's a lot less messy and tons of fun.  So I gave Adam a bucket of water and a big paint brush.

We started on the fence.  
Then moved onto the stone around our fire pit.  The color changed quickly and was more dramatic on the stone.  I am sure it would work just as well on the sidewalk.
 I was close and had a camera in hand so he had to stop and say cheese.
 You can see he is really concentrating, you can tell by looking at his lips.
 He had to call his brothers over to see what he was doing. 
 Peter got REALLY close. 
 Lachlan came up with the idea of painting his hand and making a hand print.
I am sure there are a huge list of skills they are working on while painting with water, but I also think it's just plain old lots of fun!

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