Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Soccer Man

I asked Adam what he wanted to do for his 4th birthday party and he said he wanted a "soccer and chocolate party".  He had been starting to play soccer at his daycare and I guess he really likes it.  I was able to find a Puma soccer ball and a matching shirt at Ross Dress for Less. 

I was able to take his birthday off so that I could spend the day with him.  He will only turn 4 once and soon he will be in school.  We spent some time playing soccer in the front yard.  We can't play in the backyard because our chihuahua goes  bonkers over balls, even giant ones she can't fetch.  I was enjoying every second of our day together and just had to get some pictures.

Such a cool "soccer man".

 And when he was all done with me taking his picture, this is what I got. 
When it got just a bit too cold out, we came back in and played with his new Greek ship from Playmobil. This thing is awesome.

 Our new doggie Mia kept wanting to get into the photo.  Since I don't have a good photo of her yet I changed my target. 
 She wasn't sure if she in fact wanted to be photographed. 

 The eyebrows on this dog are just spectacular. 
 We are so blessed to have her.  I mean, look at that face!
Unfortunately, in the middle of the night with 30 minutes left of Adam's birthday, my little soccer man threw up.  Not a great way to end the day.  I am home another day with him and it has allowed me to document our day.  So I will try to see it as a blessing in disguise.

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