Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Fun

I am still not sure where Lachlan picked this up at but he likes to throw things in the air and says "party time!"  It worked out pretty well for a fun picture.
Can it get any cuter.  My two boys hard at work.

 Trying to get more leaves to fall down.

 Laying in the leaves.

I have to share a sweet moment with Lachlan this morning.  As he is learning more words and gaining more imagination he really comes up with some fun stuff.  Peter and I stayed home from church this morning because Peter wasn't feeling well.  As Lachlan was leaving he said "good bye honey."  Then he told Jeff "wait I need to give my honey a hug and kiss."  As he is giving me a big hug he leans on my shoulder and tells me "good bye honey, I have to go."  Apparently I am now his "honey" because as I write this he is calling for me as "honey".  We don't actually use this pet name around here but Grandma Norma does.  I think he picked it up from her.  I can't say I mind but it makes me chuckle every time.

He also just told me he wants to go to the "city" to go to the grocery store.  Odd thing is we live in town.  Who knows where he gets these things.

Of course not all these new words are cute ones.  We have had to learn what bad words are and mean words too.  

So fun watching his mind develop.

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