Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Grandma D's Birthday Photo Shoot

October 19th was Grandma D's birthday and to celebrate we got together to take a photo of her whole family. There is a lot of us so it was interesting.  Grandma D is my Mom, Diane.  Her grandson Gage bestowed upon her the name Grandma D and it has stuck.
This one is probably my favorite even thought Lachlan, my son, isn't looking at the camera.  He is looking up at Grandma D and holding her hand so I think that is pretty special.

It was a rainy day, but eventually it cleared up and we were able to head out to my favorite spot.  It's like a painted canvas back drop but it's not, it's real, God's master piece.  I brought an old crate for the kids to sit on and set them up one by one.
Here is my Peter who was sick and tired, which resulted in this pose.  But still cute I think.
My Lachlan.
My Sister's kids.  Colton and Riley.  They are precious mini versions of their parents.
Mr. Colton L.  He enjoys taking pictures and he is very photogenic.
Miss Riley.  I call her sweet and spicy.  She is the sweetest little thing, so loving and caring.  But if you cross her, oh my.
Gage is a character.  He came up with this pose all by himself.
This is the only one I could get of Gage's brother Reid.  I have done a couple photo shoots with him and have yet to discover what makes this little guy smile for pictures.  Gage and Reid are my little brother's boys.  I am so proud of my little bro and his wife.  I can honestly say that it makes me really happy that he got a "little Ryan", Gage is very similar in personality to Ryan as a little boy.

I think my Mom and Dad should be proud of their little group here.  Some pretty cute and entertaining children.  They are each others best buds.  Which is the way it should be.  I think that is the definition of cousins.

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