Thursday, February 28, 2013

You Find Out Who Your Friends Are

That was the song played at Kathy's wedding when I walked into the reception as her matron of honor just 4 years ago.  Made me cry of course.  But it has rang so true, and even more lately. 

Only a best friend could read your mind and know exactly what would make your day over the top special and then leave it on your door step.  She tried to be sneaky, but I happened to see her car drive away, at least I thought it was her.  I saw the driver texting (don't go calling the cops) as they drove away and thought, hmm wouldn't that be just like Kathy to leave something on my doorstep and then send me a text with a picture of something sitting at my front door.  So I opened the front door and found this.
Then I sent her a text, racing to try to get one to her before hers got to me.  So she would know she had been caught.
Thanks Kathy!

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