Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Engagement of DeVoe & Jasper - rooted in love

I was so excited when a dear friend of mine called to see if I would photograph her daughter's wedding and engagement.  She knows I am just a beginner but told me she has always loved my photos.

As excited as I am, I can say I am also a bit nervous.  A wedding is a big deal, no do overs.  I have been soaking up all the knowledge I can, even getting a chance to be a second shooter at a wedding with a professional photographer coming up in July.  Purchased a second battery, how awful would that be to run out of battery in the middle of the wedding.  Bought an additional memory card too, however, since I used up most of the space on the 3 SD cards I have just on this engagement shoot, I probably need to buy a few more.

This was the first time I met Larry but not the first time I met Shyla.  I had also worked with Shyla for a short time.  I can't express to you how happy I am for Shyla.  They are so in love and so great together.  Larry was a little less than thrilled to pose for pictures, but I quickly reassured him all I wanted him to do was love on his fiance.   He seemed okay with that.

 We started here at this old out building.

These two were great because they had some ideas of different things they wanted to try and enjoyed snooping around the farm and all the trees and buildings looking for good back drops.  Larry found this cement post with moss and a lot of character he wanted to try some shots in front of. 
Next we walked up the hill a bit and found some nice shaded area with some tall grass.

At the top of this hill there is this cool old post I love to use, especially with that background.

Before we got together Shyla and I were chatting by email talking about how to make this session unique to them.  I was asking about things they like to do together or something special they do in their relationship.  They do cross fit together (which you can tell by looking at their arms and legs) and ride motorcycles but neither of those things would be really easy to incorporate.

Then out of no where a beautiful moment happened on this day.  As we were walking down the hill Larry and Shyla starting telling me about what they plan to do in their ceremony.  They plan to plant a small start of a tree that sprouted this spring.  They also mentioned they wanted to find one that was started naturally.  So Larry was walking with his head down searching the ground for a tree start.  In the next couple of steps, there it was, a little oak tree.  You could still see the nut attached and the tiny oak leaves.  We dug it up as best we could with our hands.

I am beyond thrilled that we found the tree start, soon to be used at their ceremony, on the engagement photo shoot!  This is their moment unique to them and it was nothing planned.  It can't get any more perfect than that.

I asked them to step in front of this big old tree for some pictures with their tree start.  This is them just taking a look and admire this special little tree.

After posting this picture to Shyla's Facebook page one of her friends commented by saying "safety".  To be wrapped in the arms of unconditional love. 

I always love to get a good ring shot but have yet to find a pose that is not awkward looking.  I was so happy to get this one, not posed.

Larry loves trees, which is great because this property has a lot of them. 
He found one at the very end of our time he wanted to climb.  I wasn't sure about the angle with me on the ground and them up there, but I have to say, I love this one with Shyla's beautiful piercing eyes totally at peace in the arms of her man.

This hallow log was another find of Larry's, I think he liked taking the pictures and the creative process more than he thought he would. 

I can't get over the beautiful symbolism of this little tree.  Sprouted the same year as their marriage. Small and new but one day tall and strong with love and care. 

This engagement, soon to be marriage, is rooted in love.  I feel so honored that they let me be a part of this special moment. 


  1. Really lovely! You captured their special bond beautifully. Nice work.

  2. I love it! You did such a great job. Larry and Shyla are wonderful people.