Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mother Goose Time in May

You know how Facebook recommends pages for you that you may like.  Well one day they recommended Mother Goose Time.  A lot of times I get annoyed by their recommendations but this time it interested me.  So I liked the page and kept getting their posts in my feed.  One day I actually looked a little further and explored their website.

I really liked what I saw.  They are a preschool curriculum in a box similar in concept to FunShine Express.  I wanted to see if I could get a sample of a piece of their product so I could hold it in my hands and check it out in person.  I messaged them to see if I could buy a sample kit of some sort or a past month on clearance or something.  I was shocked by their reply and am happy to say, I will be trying out their product for the month of May.  I feel so blessed.

I received the fabulous little box a few days ago and have had so much fun digging through all the treasures inside.
So far, what my kids and I have loved the most, is their music.  They have a Circle Time CD that you use for the year which has a song you play every day as a signal to the kids that it is time to begin.  It is also filled with all the classic kids songs, like row, row, row your boat to correspond with this month.  Each song is recorded in two versions, one with lyrics and one with out.  I love that there is a version with out the lyrics so the kids can learn to listen to the song and identify on their own which song it is.

In addition to the Circle Time CD, every month has it's own music CD that is full of songs that correlate to the monthly themes!  Each CD has a music genre and this month is Latin!  I am sorry about all the exclamation marks, but I love dancing with my boys, and this music makes it so much fun.  Here we are singing about rivers to a samba beat and singing about hanging clothes out to dry to the cha cha rhythm.  They do sell just their music CDs by themselves and I highly recommend them.

This months themes are Bubble, Boats & Floats.  All of which have water as it's common thread.  All of their material is divided up into Day Bags.  Each Day Bag has everything you will need for that day of curriculum, everything but the scissors and glue and stuff like that.

I have 1 day bag for every day (which includes supplies for all 3 kids) and 2 curriculum guide books one for preschool and one for the little ones.  The Little Goose curriculum, for the 2 year olds, is pretty much the same as the curriculum for preschool.  They just help you out by giving you recommendations on how to adapt each lesson according to the age group of the child. 

We have almost finished Day 1, it would have been super easy to accomplish in one normal day here at home, however, my little guy has been very sick and for most of the day will not let me put him down.  I do hope to finish the last little bit of Day 1 today and maybe even start on Day 2.  I will post our adventures soon. 


  1. Hello

    I came across your blog yesterday and saw that you have posted about Mother Goose Time children’s curriculum. That being said I have been working with Mother Goose Time’s REAL Book project team that has just finished writing a book about Cambodia and one of our students that attend our schools through the organization I work for, Asian Hope.

    This book, ‘My Dad the Tuk Tuk Driver’, will be included in the September Mother Goose Time Me and My Family curriculum kits. We will also be running a free giveaway of the September Mother Goose Time Me and My family curriculum kits, that will included the Asian Hope book ‘My Dad the Tuk Tuk Driver’ and a free Coin Charm for Kids bracelet provided by Asian Hope. This contest will be open to anyone who signs up! This offer will be posted on our facebook page and website starting September 1 – 8. The winner will be announced on Monday September 9. Facebook link:

    This is a direct link to the Mother Goose Time Giveaway for your readers also:

    I hope we are able to connect with you on this promotional event and you will be able to promote it also to all your followers!
    If this is something you are interested in and want to post about Asian Hope, in return we would include your blog title and link as part of our September blog interview with Mother Goose Time’s Leslie Falconer author of the book ‘My Dad the Tuk Tuk Driver’. Thank you for your time and hope to hear back from you soon!

    1. Emily please send me an email at dandelion in her hair at yahoo dot com. I would love to post more about this giveaway. I can get a post up ASAP, I would just love to get more information about Asian Hope so I can get your mission statement out there. I am going to go dig through my September curriculum to find your book!